September 2009 (Pilot): The Document

By True Lord of Chaos

Just a Normal Day...

I walked into my 4th period class, Social Studies. I loathed everything about this time of the day, except for the fact that everyone in my group of friends were there. The teacher, Mr. Howard, was the most boring teacher ever imaginable. He dragged on every boring fact, never showed any movies, and had an extremely boring, monotonous voice. Sometimes, I got so bored, I had to check my pulse to check if I'm still alive.

I walked into the back of the class, where my desk was, set my bag down, and sat down in the chair. Next to me was my friend, Bryan, who looked shaken up. He slowly sat down in his chair, and set his bag down next to him.

"Hey, Bryan," I greeted.

"Oh, hey, John," he replied.

"What's up? You seem almost, scared."

"I can't talk about it here. Meet me at my house after school, I have something really important I have to show you."

"Alright, then." Joe, Vincent, Diana, and Mike sat down near us. The bell rang, stating that class has started, and Mr. Howard started his boring class.

"Alright, students, open your social studies books to page 392," the teacher said. The students obediently did so. "Read to page 400, then answer the review questions, and bring your paper with complete answers." He put emphasis on the word complete.

When the teacher finished talking, there was a loud popping noise, and the glass shattered. Bryan fell to his right, onto the floor right behind me, with a bullet-sized hole in his right temple. He had been assassinated.

People ducked and screamed. Some students ran towards the exit, some hid under their desks. Others just sat there, shocked. I pulled out my cell phone and 911. A few minutes later, Bryan was in a pool of blood, and the paramedics were here. They checked his pulse and if he was breathing, and told me it was too late.

"What the hell just happened?" Diana asked me.

"He was assassinated by a sniper," I said.

"Why the fuck would a 15 year old get assassinated?!" Vincent inquired.

"I don't know, but he said he needed us to go to his house after school. He said he needed to show us something really important."

"Well, what're we waiting for?" Mike said. "Let's get going."

"But school is still going," Joe said.

"You've got to be kidding me, Joe," Vincent said. "Our friend, Bryan, was just assassinated, and you're worrying about school?!"

"Quit arguing, and let's just get going. The sooner we leave, the more time we have to investigate."

We took Bryan's bag, and left the school. We walked down 19th street until they got to an off-white colored house, and they used Bryan's key to get inside. We walked through the house to his room, and looked inside his room. His room looked like it normally did: bottles of Coke and Vault were strewn around his trash can, his computer set up was covered with papers, and his bed was unmade. But something was different about the room. He usually kept his drawers closed, but there was a drawer open, with a stack of papers.

I walked over to the drawer, and pulled out the stack. The top page said 'Operation Powell.' Powell is the last name of the president, Barry Powell.

"Hey, come look at this," I said to my friends. We scanned through the document, and it seemed to be a plot that involves turning the United States into a Communist state. The president has an inside agent that is going to nominate people to become each part of congress, and they're going to create laws that will convert the US into a communism.

"Bryan must have started hacking the government again," Vincent said.

"We told him to stop, but of course, he didn't listen to us, and now look what happened," Diana said.

"Let's check his computer for more information," I suggested.

"Alright, we should do that," Mike said. We turned on the monitor, and saw a window open. It had information about the assassination of both Bryan and his father. They wrote down the name and information of the assassin, and they heard the door open, but no footsteps.

"What was that?" Joe inquired.

"I don't know, I'll go check," I said. I snuck out of the room, and peeked out of the corner. I saw a man with a big knife sneaking around. I snuck back into the room. "Shit, shit, shit! A guy with huge knife is sneaking around with a briefcase on his back!"

"Shit, that's probably the assassin!" Mike replied. "Most sniper rifles can be taken apart and put in special padded briefcases. We need to get the hell out of here!" I put the papers into my binder, and we dropped out of the 2nd story window. We dashed away to the nearby woods, a place we use as a hangout.