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  1. End of a Year (December 2017 update)

    By mevitar for Doom Desire News

    Before going to 2017, there are still some things that happened in 2016 that didn't have their proper news post.

    Vintarid gfx revamp

    Vintarid Surmount and Theurge
    sml_201610_surm.png sml_201610_theu.png

    Surmount: There is a rumor among soldiers of a monstrosity that once plowed through an entire army alone. Those few that survived talking about an unstoppable, screaming horror, feeding on their fear itself, as if the hopelessness and inevitabiliy of defeat materialized in a form of a hulking monster.
    Theurge: The elisuve Theurges are probably the least understood thing on the battlefield. The reason for that is their nature: hyperdimensional beings capable of crossing time as effortlessly as we cross the street. Anyone, and anything, that faces a Theurge in combat, may find themselves back at home after having a strange dream they can't remember.
    Or worse - never have been born in the first place.

    Now, back to 2017, that started with very little to show, until April, when I managed to finish some things I was working on. Those being:

    Civilian vehicles

    Updated Dreamspark and Phantasm

    Vintarid Watcher, Shifter and Volatile Mind
    sml_201704_watch.png sml_201704_shift.png sml_201704_vltle.png

    Watcher: It's rare for anyone to be able to spot a Watcher, but those who do, report of a series of mishaps, disasters and conflicts following the encounter. Most of them also ends up going insane, locked in a psychiatric ward.
    Shifter: Most humans abducted by the Vintarids end up abandoned to wander aimlessly, only to make them go feral when such need arises. For the rest of them, the most common fate used to be being sent back to their homes, with some modifications, where they could live their lives as if nothing happened, until given order to activate and wreck havoc.
    Volatile Mind: Some people are more than willing to join the aliens, either due to naivety, or due to disgust for humanity. Others have such strong willpower that they need to be "acquired" regardless if they wish it or not. All of them receive a gift: ability to destroy objects with mere thought, at the cost of their mental stability.

    Later I moved on to work on other Paladin Infantry, after which I went back to finish Vintarid ones.

    Paladin Knightmare

    These humanoids are entirely covered with metal armor plates, with purple flames sipping through the holes. They close in, causing fear and confusion with their breath, to cut their targets with their flaming swords.

    Vintarid Sun's Chosen and Overseer
    sml_201708_yndre.png sml_201708_over.png

    Sun's Chosen: Sun's Chosen are probably the most diabolical and terrifying weapon that the aliens use - a pregnant human woman with a developing Neonate inside her, controlling her thoughts and actions. When its mission ends, or it feels threatened, the Neonate dies, creating a rift that kills all life forms in the vicinity, including its host.
    Overseer: Overseers are Theurges that appear in their true form - blonde humans of an unsettling beauty - commanding the Vintarid armies instead of engaging in combat themselves. Entering the battlefield has no effect on the control they have, but it splits their attention to their army and makes them unable to directly retaliate to attacks.

    After that, with all Vintarid infantry being done, it was time to move to Essence again. First, another walker:

    Essence Hephaestus Artillery Walker

    Essence combat doctrine expects ground forces to require as little aerial support as possible (which also includes no transportation through air), a walker is more fitting for a heavy-gun platform, despite being potentially more vulnerable to attacks.

    And then finally starting work on their infantry:

    Essence Raider and Intruder
    sml_201711_bikes.png sml_201712_intr.png

    Raider: Raiders are mostly volunteers, often without even the most basic military training, eager to join the cause against the aliens that destroyed their lives. Amateurish, naive and unpredictable, they are generally disliked by any real military personnel.
    Intruder: Each Intruder carries a backpack with enough power to support one strong area electromagnetic pulse that disables multiple targets at once. After using the charge, the device has to be left idle to recharge, otherwise, only a continuous single-target beam can be supported.

    Essence Rocket Quad and Hunter
    sml_201711_quads.png sml_201712_seal.png

    Rocker Quad: While squads of Raiders are generally hated by proper military personnel, Rocket Quads are the first, and the most widespread, truly professional force. The launchers they carry are used to fire both anti-tank and anti-air missiles, sometimes even mortar shells.
    Hunter: Thanks to their rapid-fire sniper rifles, Hunters are able to quickly dispatch a small infantry squad from afar, which is especially helpful for base infiltration missions. They are also equipped with explosive charges they can plant on buildings and vehicles.

    Essence Engineer and Surveillance Drone
    sml_201712_ngin.png sml_201712_surv.png

    Engineer: After moving into a ca area, it's often necessary to secure enemy equipment and make adjustments to support the conquering army. Engineers are equipped with what's necessary to do exactly that. When the need arises, they can also use their suitcase as a timed bomb.
    Surveillance Drone: Fragile and unarmed, but fairly cheap and easily accessible, these flying drones provide anyone who purchases them with necessary intelligence and situational awareness.

    Hopefully, I'll manage to finish Essence infantry soon, and then I'll be able to move to Paladins.

    That's it for this year. Have a happy new one.
  2. Year End Recap

    By OmegaBolt for Tech Centre News

    Development on the upcoming version of YR Red-Resurrection started back in May, and since then there has been massive progress, perhaps the most productive modding year of my life. Just in the last 7 months or so there have been over 80 new units & powers added to the eight countries, with constant multiplayer balance testing along the way which has largely driven development. This has not been a release built on theory but on practice, so hopefully when the mod finally gets to you it will feel polished and well rounded, and as quality as a more-or-less one man developer can make it.

    Here is a recap of the recent country showcases that have been uploaded already to ModDB.


    Only Yugoslavia and Japan left to show off, though even then these are not all the unique features of each nation. I hope to find time to do some more detailed previews and explanations of the countries later.

    The release is not all that far away either. I wanted to get it out before the end of the year, however that won't quite happen, but early sometime next year is not an unreasonable goal. Work on wrapping up the mod has been ongoing for a little while, such as writing the manual to explain all the new stuff!

    The next version will actually come with an OFFLINE manual (as well as it being available on the web) that you can get to by simply clicking a button in the main menu. The manual will feature lore and explanations on each unit as well as hopefully all the necessary info you need to get a grasp of the different countries, such as with the following example.


    I've been trying to make it as user friendly and useful as possible. Here is a nifty little toggle feature that allows you to easily swap between viewing all or specific country units on each page!


    That should allow decent customisation in the way you want to view the information, without cluttering up the screen or being particularly distracting. Anyway, there has been plenty more going on and development shall continue rapidly, so stay tuned and follow here or on Facebook for more little snippets of info!


  3. Contra 009 work in progress - Update 12

    By predator_bg for Contra News (eng)

    Originally posted on ModDB by dce on Dec 23rd, 2017


    Hi all!

    First, we need to disappoint all of you who were awaiting a Contra 009 Final or another Beta release.
    We decided not to release another version for these holidays.

    ...that's one way to start an update....

    The reason is simple. We didn't have enough time to test and balance properly all the stuff we made and changed. Last year we were so excited to show you progress that we released some units with serious balance problems (like Ratel II, or Centurion tank with bonus).

    Now we want to correct this, we will rather wait a bit more and release Contra 009 FINAL next year.
    This is our plan, but please keep in mind that, if a car hits me or PredatorBG while we are walking down the street minding our own business, that plan MIGHT change (so don't ask for exact release day).

    ...some other less important reasons might delay release too, like WW3 or cancer....

    So, we already said thanks to all of you who support us, and voted for us on MOTY. It is also great to see our community growing bigger on Discord channel. Once again, we are inviting you all there. Arrange games, make new friends, chat, and you might even get access to Developer version.

    Last update was about amazing AI changes, this one will be about some model updates. Together with models, there are plenty of code changes too, which of course cannot be shown with renders.

    Let's start!


    GLA Airifeld had major flaws with its appearance in game. So model is changed. It also contains only two units. Since GLA air units don't need to land on airfield, once they are in air, you can still produce as much as you like with only one airfield.


    AF Burton A-10 strike was annoying and overpowered in many cases. So his ability is changed and replaced with another unit. This fighter can take down a single unit without causing massive damage to nearby structures and units too. Unlike A-10, fighter is also affected by stealth upgrade.


    Cybernetic general is constantly being balanced. It's a thin line between being OP or a very weak general. New structure is called Spider Nest. This structure is small, cheap and easy to build. It is stealth all the time. Attacks nearby enemy units by releasing small Spider Mines. It is great when you need to stop Dragon tank, or any rush unit while you still don't have TOW missiles upgrade.


    Another thing for Cybernetic general is Vorta (yes, I'm a Trekkie). Vorta is a secondary supplies gatherer. Half of the price of Harbinger, but it also brings half the amount of supplies. It is faster and can be used well in some critical situations where you need smaller amount of money but faster.

    And last improvement is Nemesis N2


    Old Nemesis is improved and replaced with this unit. His role is changed too. He is not a battle oriented unit anymore. In fact, he comes with 8 Cylons loaded inside. Thanks to Nemesis N2's great armor, you can transport them anywhere you like.


    Of course, this also means Cylons as power drop, are not available anymore. Instead, you can drop a squad of Cyborgs. This is all balance wise.

    So, there you go. Even while I'm writing this, another stuff is being made, nice and warm Christmas cookies, but these are all for me.

    We wish you all Happy Holidays, and see you next year!

    Woooooooooosshhhh (that's a sound of me flying off with my jet pack).

  4. Contra 009 work in progress - Update 11

    By predator_bg for Contra News (eng)

    Originally posted on ModDB by ThePredatorBG on Dec 16th, 2017

    Welcome back to Contra, dear generals! This will be an unusual update. This time, we will present you some of the improvements we made to the Skirmish AI. Let's go!

    Since 009 Beta 2 release, many players, including me, were disappointed from the AI which was even more broken than the first Beta. It was time to get my hands on it. I started studying and testing AI. After fixing all the major bugs, I got interested in scripting some unusual, special AI behaviors.

    What you see below is the Insane AI building a Hadron Collider near your base. I could have kept this one a surprise, but I'm sure many people will still not expect or forget about the AI being able to do it. This hidden attack is performed only by Insane AI on official 1v1 maps, suitable for building Hadron Colliders.


    Next up, we have AI deploying AA Radars on their way.


    Shandian and Centurions performing overwater attacks. Sounds dangerous, huh?



    Troop Crawlers! More trouble.


    Tank AI utilizing Bixies.


    And dropping heavy tanks behind enemy lines.


    A sneaky BTR-50 creating a Sneak Attack in my base.


    Assault AI using the Rig Launcher to dig tunnels on its way.


    AI will call paradrop support powers in their base. This prevents them from sending their paradrops on suicide missions.


    We are also very proud to announce that Contra is much more stable than before. While playing online together, we noticed some suspicious situations (e.g. Nuke Battlemaster having a high chance of causing mismatch in the first few minutes of the game). Every mismatch we were suspicious about was later tested and if confirmed, we went over and fixed it. The most common cause was the following case: Many units had a minimum attack range glitch. If their minimum attack range was too low and they were ordered to attack close to their location, they used to fire a shot which would not register properly. It actually detonates at the bottom left corner of the map and therefore the game considers it a mismatch. Fixing this one drastically reduced mismatch errors. It is shown below.


    More such stability fixes include Leonidas mismatch fix, Squid Drone crash fix, Strategy Center Battle Plan switching crash fix, and a very rare crash found by PeRSuN caused by a garrisoned Laser Defender shooting close enough to damage the building he was in.

    Fixes to some texture shaders such as those used on parachutes, particle and AI optimizations improve overall performance. On top of all that, we have ContraVPN in active development by tet, which is as lag-free as possible. It will be integrated with 009 Final once it comes out.

    That's all for now. Thank you for making us part of the top 100 mods in this year's MOTY competition. We hope we got you excited once again!

    Consider joining our Discord channel if you're up for some online games or just hang out with us.


  5. Forged Battalion has been announced

    By Banshee for Petrolution General News

    Petroglyph Studios has announced a new RTS game for Steam known as Forged Battalion. Here's the trailer:

    In this game, you're part of a resistance group, taking the world back from a military force called The Collective at the end of the 21st century.

    It should come with the following features:

    - Strong focus on unit customisation and building your own faction. You can alter every unit's chassis with different weapons, locomotor types and regenerative armor.
    - There will be a 'persistent tech tree', meaning that each battle will contribute to your overall progress, helping to unlock new blueprints.
    - There'll also be co-op and competitive multiplayer for up to eight players, also something that is being called a 'dynamic story campaign' and Steam Workshop support.
    - Expect superweapons.
    - The first early access version should include at least five campaign missions, different multiplayer modes and five multiplayer maps.

    Forged Battalion will launch in 2018 on Steam Early Access. Thanks to Plokite_Wolf for the news tip.
  6. Contra 009 work in progress - Update 10

    By predator_bg for Contra News (eng)

    Originally posted on ModDB by d-ce on Oct 1st, 2017


    Hi people!

    While feeling fresh Autumn breeze on skin, you can see that trees are changing and preparing for winter. And so is Contra too. Command Centers got a small redesign to be even more unique. Each general's Command Center now has additional 3D objects which are unique for this general. So far USA and China Command Centers are done, and maybe GLA Factories will receive unique objects too. But this is not the only change, now general's logo is not a plain picture as before. Each logo is a 3D object, and GLA flags are removed. Now you can easily recognize which general you are facing. And this is not all! USA Security System turrets are completely remodeled and they look much better than before.




    - GLA generals also got some new redesigned models, like Battle Bus, Quad Cannon and Wasp:






    - USA Air Force Combat Chinook unit is back, with its grenade launcher. But its model is replaced and unit is now called Puma:

    - And last but not least is Laser Generals F6 Fighter. This is a unique fighter available at rank 3, which is deadly vs. fast and light units. You can use it to take down annoying artillery units, or to reduce enemy tank horde before they face your units.


    There are also many other changes in balance, gameplay, and bug fixing which you will see in actual release.

    We are glad to inform you that the first internal Developer Tournament has started today.
    Tournament consists of 11 players, developers and beta testers, which will be last this whole October. The point of tournament is not to determinate the best player, or give a reward. Tournament will help us balance gameplay.

    You can follow this tournament here:

    Developer Tournament Results Tree

    GGPersun will also cast highlights from each round, so we suggest to follow his channel:


    And here are a few recent interesting game casts by GGPersun, with developer version, hope you enjoy them:

    See you soon general!

  7. Installing mods for Empire at War Gold Pack - Another method

    By Digz for Petrolution General News

    I released a video many years ago on how to install mods via Steam for Empire at War and Forces of Corruption. With the release of the new patch bringing back multiplayer and whatnot I thought I'd give the game another go and try out some mods too!
    I could not install them for the life of me from the steam workshop (game just kept crashing), by my old option or in the game via the "mods" option where people said it'd close the game then restart with the mod. So I went for a final push and created shortcuts instead and used the information you would put into the launch options on Steam but into the "target" box of your shortcut file of the main .exe for the game.
    Watch the video below, this was the final straw before I just played online and a few campaigns and let the game rest. Fortunately it worked for me and I can enjoy some of the great mods the community has made!

  8. New Patch for Star Wars: Empire at War (Steam)

    By Banshee for Petrolution General News

    It seems that Disney has recently made some kind of deal that made Petroglyph add some interesting updates to the Steam version of the game. Here's their developer note about this subject:


    A note from the developer.

    Hi Everyone,

    We have continued to watch the EAW community closely over the years and appreciate all the excellent support you have given us and the game. Thanks to all of you for the great feedback, awesome mod packs, and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

    Check out the full press release here.

    Here is a list of improvements made to the game.

    · Steam multiplayer support in both FOC and EAW
    · Enabled selection/list of player mods on hard drive, including mods via Steamworks
    · Enabled windowed mode support
    · Additional bug fixes and optimizations

    We hope you enjoy this special update.

    - Petroglyph



    In a small note: the original multiplayer worked with GameSpy, which is gone for a very long time already.