Revora News

  1. Patch 2.2.9 released!

    By OmegaBolt for Tech Centre News

    Over the last couple of months another patch has been procured, this time the BIGGEST since launch. 2.2.9 contains big changes to a number of countries including Japan, Yugoslavia and the Confederation, as well as the 'completion' of European changes that began in the last patch. Take a look at a selection of changes below:

    Big Features

    • NEW CONTENT for Europe: Bastion, a T3 defensive structure & reworked Chrono Freeze as a T4 power.
    • NEW CONTENT for Confederation: Dark Shroud, a T3 support power & reworked Cazador.
    • NEW CONTENT for Yugoslavia: Holographic Deception, a T3 support power & reworked Polarity Swap as a T4 power.
    • NEW CONTENT for Empire of Japan: Iron Grunt, a T2 support power, reworked Cryo Legionnaire, Research Institute, a Science Lab replacement & Plague Strike, a new T4 power.
    • 17 brand new, high quality maps for multiplayer.
    • Lots of balance adjustments and reworks of existing units.
    • Countless bug fixes.

    You can view the full changelog here.



    bAv6fP0m.jpg 7rVBnJSm.jpg PK1AYecm.jpg


    YouTube Content
    As always, the YouTube channel has been continually updated with new content - and that will continue! Subscibe to the channel for updates on every video.


    The patch can be downloaded and manually installed, if you are unable to use the client updater for whatever reason.




    Remember you can always join our Discord for active discussion and first-look at every upcoming patch!


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  2. Contra 009 work in progress - News Update 15

    By predator_bg for Contra News (eng)

    Hi guys!! (and girls, I hope there is at least one girl playing Contra mod)

    Autumn did not officially start yet, but sometimes we like to be super crazy and break the rules.
    So even before Autumn we are bringing you Autumn update (how crazy is that)!?

    As we are heading towards Contra 009 FINAL release, we are polishing and improving existing units, AI behavior and gameplay.

    In this update we will show you some of the updated units. Of course, besides just units renders, there are a lot of "touches" which you will notice when actually playing.
    Once again, we are doing this all for you, so please be a bit more patient.

    - First one is updated Microwave Tank for Laser general. Finally that old tuna fish can is replaced with better model. Yes, he is using Avenger bottom, and no, not every tank has to be super unique.


    - "Gate guardians" are cool guardian drones made only for Seraph mech. Due to game balance Seraph`s shield is removed. New drones are made by default, you don't have to spend money for them. They protect Seraph in pair. Repairing him while standing above him, destroying missiles with lasers, and shooting on both infantry and vehicles. Drones cannot be killed (nor targeted) until Seraph dies.


    - Cybernetic general Factory has been remade because of few reasons. First one is, old model had really bad UVW map where some parts of texture were stretched. When exported, few animation frames were cut (no one actually noticed and I never told anyone). And texture style didn't fit other USA structures. So now, you can see brand new factory which fits Ironhand style. Factory doesn't have dining room, sleeping room and other rooms like barracks, instead, there is a butchery needed for assembly of human and robot parts. Where are human parts from? Well, don't ask me. Ask general Ironhand who claims there are less homeless on the streets since he runs his program.


    - Another USA structure makeover is given to Airforce generals Superweapon. Again, bad UVW map and texture design, but also lack of night version led to improvement. Few more details added, looks neat in game.


    - China also got few things. Zhu Rong or Thermobaric mortar, got improved cannon and few details attached. Once you play general Bao challenge, you will know you are in Hell.


    - Contra doesn't have many public models in game. In fact, there is one only. It is famous Dragon Tank. I couldn't find a better concept for this true masterpiece, in order to make this tank unique for Contra. At the end, it would be just a slight variant of this unit. So, Dragon tank got his texture and UVW map improved to fit all other China tanks in Contra mod.


    - And at last, Tank general Overlord Headquarters got improved structure. We will all agree that old one was lacking details.


    And, at the end, as usual...

    Please don't ask for release date as we don't know exactly. Yes, we are doing our best to release 009 FINAL this year. Both you and we are waiting for this very long. But keep in mind that we are trying not to release a version filled with bugs, or with broken gameplay where one general rules over others. We are aware that we won't be able to achieve a perfect balance, but we assure you that it will be much better than before. That's hard when you have so many unique units.

    Anyway, thank you for patience, and thank you for support. It means a lot!

  3. Patch 2.2.8 released!

    By OmegaBolt for Tech Centre News

    Patch 2.2.8 for YR Red-Resurrection has been released! This one's been somewhat delayed but it has all been for good reasons. In the background, or rather on the discord channel, this patch has been gestating and tested on a weekly basis to include bigger changes than can be achieved in a simple one month patch!

    Big Features
    • EUROPEAN COUNTRY REWORK- Chrono Legionnaires have been moved to T3, and Sonic Enforcers moved up to T4, with related balance tweaks. This is to help make Europe slightly easier to combat on T3, as the Sonic Enforcer/Bishop combo was incredibly powerful, but it also provides them with more mobility and versatility earlier on. Chrono Legionnaires were also underused in multiplayer, making them more relevant now. Furthermore, Speedways have been completely removed and instead Warp Nodes now also buff the speed of surrounding units.
    • UNIVERSAL SELF HEAL CHANGE- Thanks to a new feature from AlexB, the developer of Ares, it is now possible for combat to prevent self healing- and that is applied to Red-Resurrection. Now, a unit will not self heal for 10 seconds after taking damage. This is great as it prevents certain units being unkillable in certain situations due to out healing damage, such as a single Rocketeer vs a Crazy Ivan. This affects most units in the mod, so healing may be adjusted in future patches to compensate.
    • TWENTY-TWO BRAND NEW MULTIPLAYER MAPS- many made exclusively for this mod, and all of great quality!
    • And dozens more changes, including many balance adjustments, bug fixes and graphical tweaks.
    Here are a few of the new maps.


    You can view the full changelog here.
    YouTube Content
    As always, the YouTube channel has been continually updated with new content - and that will continue! Subscibe to the channel for updates on every video.

    The patch can be downloaded and manually installed, if you are unable to use the client updater for whatever reason.


    Remember you can always join our Discord for active discussion and first-look at every upcoming patch!

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  4. Contra 009 work in progress - News Update 14

    By predator_bg for Contra News (eng)

    Greetings everyone!


    A short video presentation of a new super unit for Cybernetic general, "Widow".



    In case you didn't notice yet on Contra 009 stream videos, Cybernetic general got his spider units back, as an option to counter fast and deadly GLA attacks.

    This means, when you reach rank3 and build Strategy Center, you will have to decide whether you will join the cult of Spiders or follow the path of Angels.

    - if you select Angels, you will be able to build rank3 Angel units, together with their rank5 leader "Seraph" mech.

    - if you chose Spiders, you will be able to use rank3 Spider units, with their mother "Widow" as rank 5 super unit.



    Many of you will ask what is the difference and which one to use!? Well, it depends on your twisted mind. :)

    - But it also depends on the type of the opponent you are facing. If you are fighting China, or USA, most likely you will go with Angels because of their firepower and armor. Angels are strong, but also slow and cost more.

    - If you are fighting any of GLA generals, you will probably want to go with Spiders, as Spiders are fast and weak, but also cost less.

    Depending on which option you chose, you will be able to build one Super unit, either "Seraph" or "Widow".

    "Widow" is fast long range Super unit, armed with prototype of dual rail gun cannons, missile system effective vs ground and air targets, and is able to deploy spider mines for cheap price (used by repair droid in the past).

    Please note that final version of Widow may differ from what you saw in video, as things are still being tested, fixed and repaired.

    Widow is voiced by streamer MaelstromX103

    Follow our ModDB page for more updates, as they are coming soon!

    Join us on Discord, arrange games with other people, check our internal games and more.

    We are a few steps away from new release, be patient!

  5. Mental Omega News Bulletin #30 (13/06/2018)

    By Speeder for Mental Omega APYR News


    As you might have heard or read, the original plan of mine for patch 3.3.4 for Mental Omega was to have it contain the conclusion of the Act Two storyline - the remaining 7 missions, the names of which you already know. After some thought and some recent developments, I've decided to switch the plans a bit and release new content to the players sooner, since I've known for a while that these final missions of Act Two would take more time and effort than usual to be completed, and a release earlier than in December would not be possible (and this date is not final either). As such, there's going to be an additional patch in Summer - the 3.3.4 update will become something different than I initially intended.


    Thanks to the efforts of our mission designers, both veterans and newcomers, we've prepared 9 completely new singleplayer missions for this surprise update! They are as follows:

    • Allied Covert Op Mission Fullmetal
    • Allied Covert Op Mission Gridlock
    • Soviet Covert Op Mission Eclipse
    • Soviet Covert Op Mission Dawnbreaker
    • Soviet Covert Op Mission Brothers in Arms
    • Epsilon Covert Op Mission Taciturn
    • Epsilon Covert Op Mission Nightcrawler
    • Epsilon Covert Op Mission Survivors
    • Foehn Origins Mission The Great Beyond

    The Great Beyond is the 2nd out of three additional missions for the Foehn Origins. Back when I first announced Nobody Home for Foehn, I intended for the Origins campaign to have 3 missions total, however, thanks to Esther and Ollerus, the final number of missions in it will be 6, with the last 2 missions to be released alongside the finales of Allied, Soviet and Epsilon campaigns.
    While Covert Ops are mostly side stories, Dawnbreaker and Brothers in Arms are both part of the final Soviet story arc: the liberation of Russia from Yuri's hands. As the Soviet task force on the Moon is preparing for their counter attack, the forces that remained on Earth after Meltdown begin the grand operation ahead of them, preparing the grounds for the major siege of Moscow.
    Eclipse is a Chinese mission which takes place during their invasion of Japan in Act One. Survivors shows what Malver has done after Obsidian Sands, while Nightcrawler does the same for Rahn. Taciturn takes place between Act One and Act Two and is about Yuri's forces chasing down a Chinese agent who has found out the big Russian secret. The Allied Covert Ops, Fullmetal and Gridlock show what challenges the other task forces from the Paradox Expedition had to face, while the Paradox Engine itself was moving towards Cape Town.


    In addition to the new Foehn Origins mission and Covert Ops, another Challenge map will be added:

    • Firestorm Challenge against the Wings of Coronia armies with a Blasticade stronghold

    As usual, new skirmish/multiplayer maps will also be available. They are as follows:

    • '(2) Closed Wide Open', '(2) Golden Spiral', '(2) Inferno Galore', '(3) Easter Island', '(4) Blood Feud Redux', '(4) Blue Hawaii', '(4) Dune Petrol',  '(4) Double Shredder', '(4) Goldshire', '(4) Tetris', '(4) The Well', '(4) Woody Island', '(6) Avalanche', '(6) Black's Big Bluff',  '(6) Death Stranded', '(6) Metallic Madness', '(6) Rorschach', '(6) Winter Desolation'

    Out of the all planned bugfixes and changes, I believe the following are the most noteworthy:

    • 'Free for All' can be chosen again as a game mode, it blocks the ability to make alliances before and during battle with no exceptions
    • the Built statistic has been added to the Statistics screen, which can now be completely cleared through a new button in the client
    • players can now choose a 'Random subfaction from a specific side' option in skirmish/multiplayer
    • Observers can now see a player's current production or money by clicking on their buildings
    • all amphibious transports are now immune to EMP weapons (but not freezing weapons)
    • several of Foehn infantry had their transport size reduced from 2 to 1 and can form IFV combos
    • Allied Co-Op map 'Low Rider' fully works again

    You can see the complete list of upcoming new additions, proposed changes and bugfixes under the following link:

    Patch 3.3.4 Changelog

    Send us all the feedback regarding the proposed changes for the new update at the usual places. Long live Command & Conquer!




    The developer playthrough of Mental Omega campaign continues on our YouTube channel. Ahead of its release, you can already take a look at the Epsilon Covert Op Taciturn:


    That's all for now, stay tuned for the 3.3.4 release and more news to come! 


    If you'd like to help develop Mental Omega further, write an e-mail to
    We always welcome additional Voxel Artists, 3D & SHP Artists, Mission Scripters and Voice Actors.
    Single contributions are also welcome and will speed up the development of the mod.


  6. New D-day website

    By Mig Eater for D-Day News

    Yep it's that day of the year again, June 6th! Today marks the 74th anniversary of the Allied amphibious landing in Northern France which led the way for the liberation of Western Europe from German occupation.  

    Of course today is also the anniversary of the Red Alert 2 mod D-day, which has now been in development for 16 years. To celebrate I have completely redone the D-day website with a new look and features. I plan to continue working on the new site to add more information and content in the coming weeks, which I'll post updates about on D-day's Facebook and Twitter pages.


    In addition to the new website I have also created a Discord chat server for D-day. I will be there as much as I can, so feel free to join in and ask me any question you may have about D-day.


  7. Patch 2.2.7 released!

    By OmegaBolt for Tech Centre News

    Another month, another patch! This time with brand new, exclusive maps, a new gamemode and a whole lot of balance tweaks and bug fixes.


    Here's an example of the new gamemode, and one of the new maps!



    Big Features

    • FULL CNCNET SUPPORT - which means you can now view the number of online players from the client user bar (move your cursor near the top of the client window). You can also now visit the main CnCNet lobby from the YR Red-Resurrection client.
    • NINE NEW MAPS - Including 6 exclusive 1v1s and 3 2v2s.
    • ONE NEW GAMEMODE - Competitive, with a small select map pool and fixed options for tournament play.
    • And lots more changes... ranging from bug fixes to balance tweaks to graphical improvements.

    You can view the full changelog here.


    The patch can be downloaded and manually installed, if you are unable to use the client updater for whatever reason.




    Remember you can always join our Discord for active discussion and first-look at every upcoming patch!


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  8. Patch 2.2.6 released!

    By OmegaBolt for Tech Centre News

    After a couple of weeks of balance testing, a new patch is released that contains a bunch of fixes for things, balance changes and new artwork.


    Due to the overwhelming traffic from users using the website and downloading updates the website has been offline for the last 15 days as bandwidth was exceeded. As such I will restrict future updates to likely one per month, unless there's some desperate fix needed, and encourage people to download the manual install from ModDB when possible.
    Here's a complete list of changes below.

      - Updated Ares to latest test build
      - Updated manual
      - Updated AI:
        - Should now build more ore miners
        - Now functions with less money, and less cheating (unless Brutal AI is enabled). Denying miners can actually cripple their eco
        - Can now build and use the Cybernetics Core
        - Gets to T4 slower, building other things first instead
        - Should build more defences (particularly anti-air)
      - Updated missions:
        - S06: can no longer build Iron Curtain
      - Snow Place Like Home (4): fixed visible light posts and shroud glitch at the top of the map
      - Wojtek HP increased from 1250 to 1400
      - Liberty Tank HP increased from 650 to 750
      - Bishop HP reduced from 600 to 500
      - Prism Tank HP reduced from 1000 to 900
      - Combat Drugs: 50% firepower bonus replaced with a 40% rate of fire boost
      - Lightning Storm superweapon area of effect increased from 16 to 20
      - Flamethrower has gotten a new cameo
      - Bazooka cameo updated
      - Psi Corps Trooper has gotten a new cameo
      - Desolator has gotten a new cameo
      - Dante HP decreased from 900 to 800
      - Hammer Tank HP increased from 750 to 850
      - Tesla Mammoth damage per bolt increased from 140 to 180
      - Perun damage per lightning bolt reduced from 200 to 150
      - Flak Cannon received new artwork
      - Fusion Thrusters:
        - Duration reduced from 1 minute to 45 seconds
        - Speed boost reduced from 60% to 50% increase
        - Now also boosts rate of fire by 50% but decreases firepower by 25% (so an effective 25% firepower increase)
      - Mammoth Tank:
        - Now has a cameo (in case of being reverse engineered)
        - Cost reduced from 1750 to 1500
        - HP reduced from 1800 to 1500
      - Russian style wall towers should no longer display a missing string

    The patch can be downloaded and manually installed, if you are unable to use the client updater for whatever reason.


    Remember you can always join our Discord for active discussion and first-look at every upcoming patch!

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