Revora Staff

Revora is run and maintained by enthusiastic volunteers. As a large network, Revora requires the dedication of many people. To let each staff member perform to the best of his qualities, we have organised our staff into two big structures: one for the central part of Revora and one for the Divisions

Network Leaders

At the top of it all are the Network Leaders. They have control over Revora and its Divisions and determine the general direction of the network. Our current Network Leaders are:

Central Revora

The central Revora staff work for the network in general and provide support wherever it's needed. The general staff consists of Network Admins and their subordinate Network Staff They fulfill the following functions:

  • Community: Managing Revora's community, keeping in touch with other communities and publishing news and updates. Lead by Elvenlord
  • Hosting: Managing and advertising our hosting offers and supporting our hosted projects. Lead by Gen.Kenobi
  • Development: Developing our technologies and other things that need to be created, such as graphics. Lead by Bart
  • Finance: Managing our funds, income and expenses. Lead by Phil.
  • Server Management: Taking care of the maintenance of our server. Lead by jnengland77


The other group is the Division staff. Each division is run fairly independently from the network by its own staff. Every division is headed by a Division Leader with possible support by Division Admins and Division Staff. Our Division Leaders are:

Special Groups

There are a few special staff groups. Undead is the position we give to our former leaders who have quit. It allows them to follow the discussions in our staff forum.

Another group is Veterans. This group is for long time staff members and allows them to help out all over the network, while not being limited to a specific role or having any obligations.

Finally, we have a number of Advisors. They are members of the community that we trust to follow the discussions in our staff forum and who can provide feedback on the subjects at hand.

Join Us

Does this sound like a good environment in which you can contribute something to this network? If so, you're welcome to join us. Take a look in our Jobs board.