Revora Magazine

The Revora Magazine provides a monthly selection of articles and contributions from members across Revora. Articles range from interviews of community members and modders (from both within Revora and outside of it) to reviews, creative writing, and general topical musings and discussions. The Magazine provides a general showcase of expression on the Revora creative homepage for all to see. Any Revora member can contribute an article or piece of work for review by the Magazine's editors.

The magazine is a project orchestrated by Dancam. Over time, it is hoped that the Magazine will grow larger in scope and in level of content, and will feature a number of recurring panels by regular contributors.

Latest Issue

Our latest issue is September 2009 (Pilot) released on . In this release we have:

  • In Focus: IceForge
  • Scarecrow
  • The Document

Older Issues

You can find older issues in the archives.


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