Revora Hosting Packages

Revora offers professional quality web hosting with cPanel in two ways:

Free Community Hosting

If you want to host a creative project or site with us, such as game modification or an artistic portfolio, we can offer you our hosting services for free.

What you get

  • A free Crystal hosting package to begin with.
  • Upgrades to larger packages are available at a discount, or may be granted freely.
  • Your own place in the Revora Forums, to communicate with your team, fans and other members.
  • The network and community. We don't just give our hostees a place to put their stuff, but play an active part in their promotion. For example, your news is displayed on our site.

What we ask

  • We request activity. Prolongedly inactive projects are at risk of removal, but we will not remove projects with a public release or sites that are otherwise valuable.
  • You are required to display the Revora Network Bar, which links to every site in the Revora network, including yours.
  • In order to compensate for your free hosting, you have to place our ads on your site. However, besides paid advertisements we also use ads for internal promotion of hosted projects, possibly for yours some day.
  • Because Revora and other projects benefit from having many members on the Revora Forums, you may not have your main forums elsewhere.

If your site does not qualify for our free hosting, or if you want absolute freedom (if you don't agree with the requirements in the "What we ask" section), we also offer paid independent hosting, but under certain conditions:

Since we are not a professional hosting company, at the moment we only offer this service to familiar Revora members, staff members, their friends and other people we know.

See the package table below for pricing information.


Revora's hosting offer is divided into the following 4 packages ranging from basic to very heavy disk space and bandwidth usage. Each packages has two prices; The community price is what freely hosted projects may pay to get an upgrade; The independent price is the price for those that don't have free hosting.

Prices and available bandwidth amounts are per month.

Crystal Sapphire Emerald Ruby Diamond
Space 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth 20 GB 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB
Independent Price N/A €10 €15 €25 €55
Community Price * Free €5 €10 €20 €45

* If it's beneficial to your project and to Revora, for example if your project is very popular, you may get upgraded for free.

All packages include the following features:

  • A full account on our Linux server with cPanel.
  • Full access to technology like PHP 5.3, MySQL and Subversion.
  • Remote access via SSH and FTP/SFTP.
  • No fixed limit on the number of email accounts, databases, FTP accounts, etc.
  • A free subdomain (e.g. If you prefer to use your own self registered domain name, that's possible too.

Questions and getting hosted

If you have any doubts or questions about our hosting services and its features, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or ask in our hosting forum.

Otherwise, you can apply for hosting right now:

Request free creative project hosting with our form...
Mail us for independent hosting...