September 2009 (Pilot): In Focus: IceForge

IceForge is Revora's newest division and focuses on games created by Blizzard, such as the Warcraft and Starcraft series. The division is led by Digz, who was recently interviewed by {IRS}Athos.

Athos: What inspired you to start up IceForge?
Digz: Well, it's a good question, I like to be inspired all the time and I think what inspired me the most when I came to work here was the lack of a Blizzard division. It's the most modded game and active sets of games in the whole world, regardless of what anyone says. So we needed to expand Revora and this was the best way to do it. It has worked to some extent but the inspiring part was taking on a new challenge, I like challenges and love to succeed. The hunger, desire and passion makes me work harder and it's great as it makes me feel alive at times.

Athos: What was the initial purpose of the division?
Digz: The initial purpose of the division was to be a community hub for all the Blizzard games, we are going to include Diablo section at a certain time when Diablo 3 gets nearer the helm. We obviously want to host mods and projects but what I first wanted is a place to discuss these games, and it's worked, hopefully when we sort out all the advertising and PR, we can get new people coming and it could be one of the biggest divisions in the network.

Athos: How has working on this division benefited you?
Digz: As I said above, it's given me a big challenge. To start this off by scratch with help from one or two, it's given me a sense of admiration and real pride and being able to start this off and see this set, ready to take off and be a big part of Revora. This division has given me a lot of work, but it has mostly given me the privilege of meeting new people and also getting to know the staff here. This has shown me a true vision of what teamwork is, we all have our roles at IceForge and we do them to the best that we can.

Athos: Have you enjoyed working in IceForge?
Digz: Yes, it's been a great experience for me, I've lead so many projects and divisions/sites whatever you want to call them, on the internet and it is true, every single one is different, whether or not it's in the same organisation or not. It's been a great experience, both fun and tiring but it's all worked out. There's only a little bit left to do and I'm looking forward to going that extra mile.

Athos: What, in your mind, is the purpose of the division now?
Digz: The division now will obviously need to expand, we need mod specialists to come in and help out the hosted sites we already have. We have all the categories and discussions taking place like in all the other Blizzard gaming forums at the moment, all we need now is the hosted sites to make our division complete. I really want to support the hosted mods, bring in new ones but make sure the old ones are supported and are being updated.
I do have plans for hosted sites, more advertisement and PR for them, challenges and contests, it's going to be interesting in the coming weeks as I look to get some more mods in, but also look to move away from IceForge and let someone else take the reigns. I feel I have done what's needed. I no longer have the time with me going to Uni this year to keep an eye on IceForge plus all my other duties here on Revora. So I'll be seeking a replacement to take it over shortly.