Revora Technology

At Revora we strive to use and make the best technology as the foundation for our network.

In Use

IP.Board 3 by Invision Power Services

The Revora Forums are powered by this quality forum software.

Revora Network Bar

The Revora Network Bar is the dynamic drop-down menu you see at the top of every page in our network. Because our sites use a wealth of different domains and subdomains, it is not always obvious how they belong together. The Network Bar acts as a unifying factor, by ensuring that every website in our entire network can be quickly and easily accessed from every other website.


MasterNews is a news system which allows topics from a specific forum (or set of forums) to be displayed as news items on our and our hostees' websites. It requires little technical knowledge, having a web interface in which users can easily define templates which determine how their news should be displayed.


RePort is another news system which will eventually replace MasterNews, but currently exists alongside it. It's what our newer sites use to display news and is also the system powering our RSS feeds. Like MasterNews, it gets the news from the forums, which can then be accessed with an easy to use API or exported through a customized feed. It has no templating system, leaving the presentation of the news to the client.

RAS: Revora Account System

The Revora Account System allows our members to securely, using HTTPS, log in on all our sites using their Revora Forums account. In the future, we might also enable RAS to be used by sites other than our own.

T3A Article System

A few years ago, The 3rd Age was given a new website where users can easily submit their articles (such as tutorials), mods and downloads (resources, patches, maps). These items can then be commented on and rated by their fellow members. The code powering this user-generated content website has since been named the T3A Article System (for want of a better name, actually) has since been used on Petrolution and recently the new C&C Guild.


R4, or Revora Random Resource Repository, is a caching layer which allows to easily add caching to any dynamically generated resource (such as an RSS feed). The only requirement to this resource is that it's accesible via a normal HTTP request.


Many of our systems are built using the Jinn PHP framework, a flexible and modular framework that perfectly fits our wide variety of applications.
Among the sites and applications using Jinn are:

  • This site
  • RePort
  • RAS
  • ReVault *
  • Rust *

* See below

In Development


Rust, which stands for Revora User-driven Site Template, is our in-development replacement for the T3A Article System. Unlike the latter, Rust has been designed from the beginning to be usable on multiple sites and makes use of the newest advancements in web technology and standards, providing a great foundation for future Revora sites.


ReVault is an in-development ImageShack-like service where Revora users will be able to upload their screenshots and other files.