Revora Association


The Revora Association is the legal body of the Revora Creative Network. It is incorporated as a voluntary association under Swiss law (Wikipedia).

The association represents our network in all financial and legal matters and allows us to manage the increasingly diverse tasks with a separate legal personality. It thus holds our domain names, leases our server infrastructure, buys software licences and protects the interests of our community and hosted projects.


In all that we do, we do not operate for the profit of our members. Unlike a regular corporation, we are prohibited by the law from distributing money back to our members, so all our funds - including any surplus - stay in the association and are used exclusively to promote the association purpose. In other words: every cent we receive goes back into running Revora and supporting our community and projects.


The General Meeting

The General Meeting of members of the Revora Association is the supreme body of the association and meets once a year. The General Meeting sets the overall framework of the association by amending the Articles of Association and is responsible for electing and removing the Board of Directors, confirming new members and accepting the annual financial report.

The Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the management of the whole network and all day-to-day operations. On the network side of things, the members of the Board work with the staff to set and enact Revora's strategies; they hire, instruct and monitor the staff and they ensure all of the sites in the network operate the way they are meant to. In the network forums, they hold the rank of Network Leaders.
On the legal side of things, they represent the association to all outside parties and can contract in its name. They also manage all financial matters of the association.

Current Members

Board of Directors:

  • Philippe Baumann, Chairman (Phil)
  • Mathijs Heuvel (Mathijs)


  • Philippe Baumann
  • Dhiresh Bhatt
  • Eric Edwards
  • Robert J. Edwards
  • Bart van Heukelom
  • Mathijs Heuvel
  • Karl Hope
  • Steinar Husby
  • Carlos Muniz
  • Clément Roy
  • Daniel Schubert
  • Pasidon

The Revora Association currently only accepts new members upon invitation and after they have been confirmed by the General Meeting. Therefore direct requests for acceptance are not possible at this moment.

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