Revora's History

Revora first came into being in July 2004, following a merge of two other networks: The CNC Guild (run by Hybrid and ArgCmdr) and the Origin-network (run by Detail). With them, they brought together two of the largest Command & Conquer mod communities under a single banner. In October, Mastermind gave Revora it's own dedicated server, located in his student dorm at MIT.

The first major branch away from Command & Conquer came in December, when Hostile launched The 3rd Age, Revora's Battle for Middle Earth division, which has grown to be the foremost BFME modding site on the web.

In the six years since Revora's creation, it has undergone numerous changes and has branched off to other modding opportunities, including Warhammer40k: Dawn of War, Half-Life 2 and, of course, the more classical forms of creativity including original writing and music creation, which was initially catered for by Detail's pet project, Revora Creative Alert.

In 2006, and Petrolution were added to the roster to expand Revora to cover the newer Command & Conquer games and those by Petroglyph respectively, and in 2007 Revora officially began to support forum-based RPGs, in what was then called the RPG Guild. The years following that saw sites and support added for Blizzard games and for Red Alert 3.

The past year has seen restructuring and a streamlining of divisions. CNC3 and Red Alert 3 have both been incorporated fully into the C&C Guild, which still remains Revora's largest division. Revora has also absorbed and integrated the hosting aspect of Revora Creative Alert into itself, while the discussion of general creative works is now taking place at the Temple of Muses.

Revora also recently launched a magazine contributed to by a number of its members. The magazine will focus on interviews with modders around the community, feature original writing and artwork, and assorted articles ranging from general topical ravings to critical reviews.

Early in 2010, Commandos HQ, which was previously just a hosted site, was integrated as a Revora division.

Revora continues to look for opportunities to expand into new areas and support new modding communities. This expansion model will shape its future activities in the coming year. Do you have an idea? Post it in our feedback forum!