Frequently Asked Questions: Website

Here are some frequently asked questions about our hosting services. If your question is not present, or inadequately answered, feel free to ask in our hosting forum.

Do I need to make a site to be hosted?

No, while we recommend making a site, if only a simple one, you can choose to use only our forums.

How can I make a site?

Our staff can install a CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress for you. If you want to build a custom site, you can find more information at the Web Development forums >

How do I find people to make a site for my project?

You might be able to recruit some people at the Web Design forum. You can also ask for help at the Hosted Support Forums to get some network staff to help you, if available. >

How do I get my website and files online?

You can transfer files to and from our server using FTP and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). For SFTP you need to use port 10022. If you use a CMS, it might offer other ways for you to upload your files.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It's the way you transfer your files to your webspace. Hostees get their own FTP account, to which they can upload their screenshots, preview videos, mod releases, any files related to your hosted project(s).

What programs do I use for FTP?

We recommend you to use FileZilla, which is free. While most of the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc supports FTP operations, they are not recommended for not having a proper interface for it and be insecure with passwords. Make sure you use the settings provided by our staff when your hosting is setup. >

Will we have un-limited storage space?

We do not meter/watch/gauge the amount of file space a project uses. You are free to use as much as you like. However, everything has a limit, our server has a limit of 500gb. It is our job to make sure every hosted site has space and upgrade when more file space is needed. Note that if you have a big and popular mod, we may request you to get mirrors for your mod due to bandwidth usage (not storage).

Does Revora really offer unlimited bandwidth?

No. Revora does not measure or charge for your bandwidth usage, but our server does have a bandwidth limit of 2tb. Once we approach this limit, we start looking for mirrors for the most downloaded files or transfer them to other friendly servers in order to reduce the bandwidth usage, but we do not take down hosted sites for this reason, even if we bypass the limit.

Do you support PHP and MySQL?

Yes. If you want a MySQL database, you can create it using cPanel. If you don't know how to do that, ask one in the Hostees Support Forum (Hosted members only). >

Do you allow direct downloads?

Yes. There is no need for logins or waiting lines here, just download.

Do you allow domains? Do you support DNS?

Yes. If you have a domain (example:, you can use it here. Ask a staff member for help.

Do you buy domains for hosted projects?

Only in rare cases, if the project has been with us a long time and has helped other hosted projects.

Can I use SSH?

Yes, you can. Our SSH server is running at port 10022.