Frequently Asked Questions: General

Here are some frequently asked questions about our hosting services. If your question is not present, or inadequately answered, feel free to ask in our hosting forum.

Is your hosting really free, without hidden costs?

While we offer paid extras, our basic hosting is always free. We do not start charging you after a while, or when you exceed space/bandwidth limits. You are required to put the code of our network bar on top for easy navigation through Revora and to show that your hosted by us. We also ask you to use our network forums. You may have to display the network advertisement at your site, which may help with the payment of Revora monthly expenses.

How do I get my project hosted here?

You should carefully read how our hosting works. From there you can fill the form at Hosting Request section. Make sure you are registered at Revora forums before filling the form. Only registered members can get hosted. Registration is free.

Do you host everybody?

No, we only host projects that we think can bring something good to our network. Don't worry though, the requirements are pretty low. We expect the projects with clear objectives and viable goals to ensure that there is a possibility of release at some point. We also expect at least a very small progress at the implementation of the project where we can check its quality and potential.

The project that I'm working on is not for one of the games you host, would you still host it?

The probability of us hosting a project that isn't one of our featured games is high. We are always looking to expand and to give everyone a place to work and to show their work.

I'm interested on getting hosted, but I have some doubts. How do I contact you for answers?

You can ask any questions you have in our Hosting Information forum. Or you can contact us by emailing your questions to

How do I get hosting support?

Revora offers several ways to get your support. You can ask questions in the Hosting Information forum, or contact us at if you have any questions about our hosting services.

For those who are already hosted, we offer the Hosted Support Forums (C&C hostees use this instead). Hostees can also contact our hosting team or the leader of the division that hosts your project through PM, email, MSN, AIM, etc.

Will you ever take my hosting down?

That depends. We revoke the hosting of projects that:
  • Are inactive for a long time and...
  • Contain nothing of value to visitors (a publicly available non-beta release of a mod, useful resources for other teams).
    • Naturally, we also revoke the hosting of projects violate our terms, such as hosting warez or not displaying the network bar.

What kind of server will I be hosted on?

Revora used a dedicated server rented from SoftLayer.

How can I pay for my hosting services?

We accept PayPal as payment method. To set up an automatic monthly payment you can go to recurring payment page.