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  1. Contra 009 Beta 2 Released

    By predator_bg for Contra News (eng)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Hi everyone, as promised, we are releasing yet another version of Contra mod. 
    A year has passed by since the last beta version, and we made a lot of changes. As usual we have made many new things for you guys to discover and enjoy. Improved old and bad things, fixed bugs, and added new stuff for you to play with. Two brand new Challenge maps are available: Demolition and Flame.
    Before actual download link, there are few new visual improvements to show, so let's start.
    USA Laser Avenger tank
    Old Avenger model got replaced with new one, but it is not just visual update. New Avenger has only one weapon, which is of course anti air, but he got new hybrid armor. Armor which is resistant to RPG missiles more than usual AA unit, and also resistant to Jet Missiles. You could say, it is combination of regular tank, and anti-air tank.
    USA Air Force's Black Hawk
    In order to balance generals' powers, we did some changes there too. So Air Force general's Shockwave Bomb is removed, and replaced with SEAL drop. SEALs are dropped by 3 stealth Black Hawks, which are very well armored too. This power is available at rank 5.
    USA Air Force's Navy SEAL
    So as explained above, SEALs are dropped by stealth Black Hawks. All together 9 Seals, very well armored and equipped with M32 grenade launcher effective vs all ground targets. They come as a good support, or ambush attack from behind. In future, SEALs will get the ability to swim, and place explosive charges on structures. They are also stealth while not moving or shooting.
    GLA Toxin Pump
    GLA Toxin general's demo traps are replaced with toxin pumps now. This nice little thing can spill both toxin and acid (despite of the name) around itself and damage nearby units. It is manually controlled. Acid damages pump and destroys it, but if you purchase Neutralizers upgrade at rank 3, pump won't damage itself anymore. Of course, both toxin and acid can be even more upgraded to bring more damage. Plant those things on map, pollute everything and enjoy watching your enemy dying slowly. Toxin pump is stealth, and can be destroyed by any unit.
    Last but definitely not least, is improvement on GLA structures. PredatorBG took some time to improve GLA textures, and with this, all structures look much better.
    This is render of GLA assault general's Temple
    No more yellow boring walls, now we have nice looking bricks.
    And here is a picture of all GLA structures together:
    Before you download and start playing, please read these most important gameplay changes, and avoid unpleasant surprises :D

    • all USA Valanx units now come with already upgraded TOW (but nerfed) weapons
    • all USA Valanx units passengers cannot fire from inside anymore
    • all USA Laser generals units, can go through rampage from game start, meaning, they upgrade lasers individually with experience
    • all GLA tunnels no longer have a mounted weapon, and don't give free tunnel defenders, but they are much cheaper and built very fast
    • all GLA command trucks are limited to 1
    • you can reach rank 6 now, which gives you additional 3 science points which you can spend on your general's powers

    ...for complete changelog article, visit this link:

    Complete changelog

    And now, finally download link:



    Now, we will take some rest from working on new version, and we will be available for online playing with you. So, we are inviting you to join us in Tunngle and play with us, if you see us there, feel free to challenge anyone for a game.

    Contra 009 Tunngle room screenshot

    We would also like to thank some youtubers, which helped us in promoting Contra, with posting their videos. Either on multiplayer or challenge games. Visit their channels, and watch some good videos:

    Persun (our tester and balance advisor)

    And a few more final words, about our future plans. So next release will be Contra 009 FINAL. Which will have some finished things from this version, and fixed bugs. This 009 Beta 2 is almost as complete as 009 FINAL would be, but we decided to release it under beta code name, in order to give you guys something for holidays. We plan to release 009 FINAL in 2017, if our RL goes as planned.
    We would like to thank you for all support, and for voting on MOTY. Keep in mind, we are just 2 people that are working on all aspects of this mod. We have RL same as you guys have.
    See ya next time!

  2. Happy Holidays: OS BIG Editor support for 8-Bit and Site Updated

    By Banshee for Petrolution General News

    Hello everyone! We wish you a happy holidays, regardless of your religion or if you even have holidays in the next days. And, in order to celebrate the occasion, we've decided to bring some life back to this place. Starting by the fact that many of you might be aware that Petroglyph Games has released 8-Bit Armies, 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders, in this year. In fact, 8-Bit Invaders was released only 9 days ago. You see? We are not that late into bring this news for you. Only miserable nine days. And of course, there is a trailer to explain to you what is it about and give a glimpse on the graphics and some of its features:




    And, of course, we are adding support for these games here in Petrolution. Specially, because we do enjoy fun RTS games released by Petroglyph Games.


    In fact, we've repaired all our content and updated the game icons for some of them, for the site revival.


    But... some of you may be wondering... after all, isn't Petrolution a site about game modifications? Are these 8-Bit stuff moddable? To be honest, we don't know how much it could be modded. The Steam Discussions Forum for 8-Bit Invaders doesn't have a single topic about modding the game. If you browse its directory, you'll notice that it reminds a lot Empire at War in some sense. Afterall, both use the Alamo engine, except that it has received some upgrades in these years. And EAW is very modding friendly, which means that the current Alamo engine is still friendly with many things. However, so far I only could figure out that they allow you to customize the in game music quite easily there. However, we certainly want much more than tweaking the music of the game, right?


    So, there is another occasional bonus of this place: we are offering you in first hand the latest version of OS: BIG Editor. This tool was supporting .MEG files for a while, but now it opens the encrypted config.meg files from Grey Goo and 8-Bit Armies, Hordes and Invaders. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the Key and Initial Vectors from End of Nations beta, otherwise, I would have added support for that too :p.





    Anyway, OS: BIG Editor is not the first tool to support these encrypted config.meg files, since was the one who figured it out and implemented this knowledge at his Mega File Editor.


    So, that should allow you to modify the XML files that are used to specify the features, powers and weapons from each unit. Does the Alamo engine used in 8-Bit Armies reads external files? Is there any volunteer to figure it out and share this knowledge with us? Post your thoughts here and, if these games are really moddable as they seem to be, we'll create dedicated modding forums here.


    So, share the word and enjoy the place: Petrolution lives!

  3. TDH: Widescreen Edition Released

    By Mathijs for The 3rd Age News


    The Dwarf Holds, a classic BFME1 mod, has been optimized for users with widescreen monitors.

    Playing the original TDH on a widescreen monitor meant having to deal with a very close map zoom. This version fixes that, while also upping the mod's FPS to the standard of BFME1 Patch 1.06. To install it, download it here and run the installer.

    If you haven't done so yet, make sure to download our BFME1 widescreen UI patch, which fixes the stretched interface experienced when playing the game on a widescreen resolution.

    If you don't yet know how to enable widescreen in BFME1:

    • Open your My Battle for Middle-earth Files folder, easily accessible by typing %appdata% in the Windows Search bar.
    • Open Options.ini and add the following line: Resolution = 1920 1080 (if you have a different widescreen resolution, type that instead)
    • Play the game in full Widescreen!

    Thanks and have fun playing,
    The Dwarf Holds Team & Staff

  4. Release 8 - Trial #1

    By Madin for Tiberium History News

    Release 8 Trial #1



    The name 'Scavengers' was applied to the numerous groups who, while not part of the Nod military machine, were willing to do various acts against GDI (which included frequent attacks) ... for a price.

    While their equipment was not up to the standards of Nod's main military, they easily matched Nod's 'Raider' squads, and in some cases surpassed them.
    While these groups would typically be referred to as mercenaries, because of the much more localised, and mostly unprofessional nature of the Scavengers, and because they often operate within their gangs (often bike gangs), they are considered a sub-category of mercenary.

    The fact that many of these groups refuse to identify themselves with Nod is actually of benefit to the brotherhood, as it means that there is plausible deniability of Scavenger activities against GDI. Nod often claimed that the Scavengers were 'grass-root' insurgents, all while providing them with weapons, ammunition, and cash!

    Do not underestimate the Scavengers capabilities!





    The Scavenger support power will be a new reinforcement power that will be added to the Nod Air tower.
    It cost $3000 and drops off 4 'Assault bikes'. Please note that this support power is the only way to get these units!




    The main feature of these trike's is the triple mortars at their rear, which provide excellent anti-infantry and anti-structure performance. A couple of small calibre machine guns are also attached on either side of the trike, in case any infantry get too close!






    The Scavenger style is the same as Nod raiders, hit-and-run. Pick off weaker targets, and harass the opponent!


    Trial info

    The reason that this is being called a trial, is that I am unsure about the implementation of this unit. So I am literally trying it out to see if I like it. If I come up against any major issues during testing, I will remove this unit from Release 8's main roster and relegate it to a crate item (so you will still have a chance to try it out).




    There will be at least one more trial item, and it will cause controversy!

  5. Vote for the T3A mods in the 2016 MOTY!

    By Mathijs for The 3rd Age News

    It's that time of the year again! Time to put on your T3A underwear and march arm-in-arm towards an underrated result in the MOTY awards!


    Links provided below, get voting!


    Vote for The Ridder Clan Mod!


    Vote for Special Extended Edition!


    Vote for the Blue Wizard Mod!


    Vote for The Horse Lords!


    Vote for Shadow and Flame!


    Vote for HD Edition!

  6. Some PProgress (PP News #3)

    By Starkku for Project Phantom News

    So what's up with Project Phantom currently? The news-silence has been mostly due to the mod currently being in a beta testing phase, with most focus going on to polishing gameplay and finishing some graphical assets rather than showcasing. Thought I'd rectify that a bit, however.


    The second part of Experimental Weapons Test is now available. This one features a bonus clip showing an unit from the previous installment that has been through quite significant changes based on feedback.

    Experimental Weapons Test #2

    There is also the second part of Hero Spotlight which was uploaded earlier on.

    Hero Spotlight #2

    This leaves only one part left of both Hero Spotlight and Experimental Weapons Test - which should hopefully appear during coming weeks.


    I was initially planning on bringing the website up-to-date gradually as time goes by, but as the mod is currently going through a playtesting phase I figured trying to keep the website up-to-date at this point would be colossal waste of time, and therefore it will be brought fully up-to-date at once much closer to the release of first public beta version some time in (hopefully near) future.


    One of the big recent additons/changes to Project Phantom is adoption of the new game client created by Rampastring of Dawn of the Tiberium Age. This allows Project Phantom to be played over CnCNet and provides several other neat features especially for game setup. Below is a small teaser of how the client currently looks.

    news_clientmain_thumb.png news_clientsetup_thumb.png

    Those with keen eyes might have spotted an unit in the bonus clip segment of the new Experimental Weapons Test video that has not appeared anywhere before. This unit is Liberator AMOS, an artillery unit used by the Western Coalition. Armed with dual mortar guns that can unleash a rapid barrage of moderately inaccurate shells on enemy units from a range. In addition, it sports a third gun that occassionally fires an EMP ordnance as well which will incapacitate enemy vehicles and defences without adequate countermeasures installed.


    Few structures have also had their placeholder artwork replaced with brand new ones.

    Dominion Training Camp

    Dominion Battle Lab

    Phantom Shadow Conduit
    Phantom Shadow Conduit is an important but expensive Phantom structure that cloaks nearby units and grants specific units ability to cloak regardless of their position on the map. However, if you lose all Shadow Conduits or go on low power, those units will lose their cloaked status until another one is constructed or base power is restored. In team games, you can benefit from your allies' Shadow Conduits.

    And for those who might have missed it on ModDB, Facebook or Twitter earlier this autumn, there is the following.

    Phantom Singularity Catalyst
    Phantom Singularity Catalyst is Phantom's superweapon structure that provides access to Singularity Collapse superweapon.

    Until next time.

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